HTML 5 and Matlab Based Applications.
  • FIAT (Flame Image Analysis Tool): FIAT is a Matlab based application that operates on flame video and help you accomplish the following: 1. Change format of the video; 2. Change frame rate; 3. Average frames to view time averaged video over user-defined time resolution; 4. Compare and plot images of desired frames; 5. Analyze how flame area varies with time; 6. Analyze how different color content (blue vs yellow for example) varies with time; 7. For a spreading flame, average the flame over the width of a sample and track the flame leading edge, flame length over time. 8. Track 'instantaneous' flame spread rate to a desired time resolution;
  • Chemical Equilibrium Analysis: The TESTapp module of offers a number of HTML 5 based thermodynamic calculators to find properties of fluids and much more.